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Ignite your cryptocurrency trading journey with Bitcode Method today through our beginner-friendly platform and full-featured brokers!

Bitcode Method is a platform that matches prospective traders with brokers offering crypto, Forex, stocks, and CFD trading, among others. Keep in mind that all forms of financial trading pose a risk to your capital. Trading may not be suitable for people without a steady source of income. We urge you only to invest what you can afford to lose. In addition, make sure to check if the broker we pair you with meets the trading regulations in your country, as our algorithm assigns brokerages automatically.

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Become an Active Trader and Advance Your Skills With Bitcode Method!

We have so much to offer traders of every skill and experience level! Whether you are a seasoned professional who knows exactly what they want, or a complete beginner unsure where to start from, Bitcode Method is here for you!

Here are just some of the reasons why traders worldwide love our platform:

  • We are partnered with top-tier brokers worldwide;
  • We provide beginner-friendly features (intuitive design, low entry requirements, demo trading for practice, etc.);
  • Our partners support the trading of various assets, including cryptocurrency, stocks, futures, CFDs, and Forex pairs;
  • Simple, yet secure account verification process to prevent fraud and protect your identity;
  • You can rely on 24/7 support from our affiliate partners;
  • Our services are fully compatible with both mobile and desktop devices!

Are You Ready To Take Your First Steps Into the Trading World?

It’s never been easier to get your foot in the door if you want to start trading for the first time! Bitcode Method makes the process quick and simple, so you can forget any feelings of discouragement and focus on building up your first-ever trading portfolio.

Usually, starting as a new trader can be daunting, which leads to many making costly mistakes or even giving up altogether. This is understandable, as cryptocurrency can seem incredibly complex and unforgiving.

At first glance, the market can overwhelm you with the sheer variety of assets and data. It isn’t just about Bitcoin and Ethereum anymore! Hundreds of newer digital coins have appeared and risen in popularity, such as Cardano, Solana, Polkadot, Doge, 1inch, and many, many others. It’s understandable if newcomers struggle to choose which token would be best to invest in.

Besides the great variety of coins available, newbies may also have trouble with all of the analytical tools. Mastering fundamental and technical analysis is no easy feat. It takes time and experience to learn about market trends, dependencies, and avoiding common mistakes.

Thus, we can agree that the financial industry is definitely not suited for everyone! However, if you believe it is suitable for you, and you want to give yourself the best possible chance of taking off as a trader, then Bitcode Method should be your first stop!

What We Do

Bitcode Method's role is to connect you with the best broker for your specific needs. We understand that every trader is different, which is why we use an efficient AI algorithm to pair our users with their ideal broker.

Of course, you and any other trader can find a broker in your own time. However, this can be incredibly time-consuming and problematic since there are so many brokers to choose from. Not only this but the trading world is packed with scammers who are constantly looking for easy targets, so you can never be too careful!

We thoroughly evaluate all brokers we partner with to ensure that they can effectively help our users. Our partners offer plenty of helpful tools that you can benefit from, especially if you’re a first-time trader. For instance, demo accounts are provided by many of our brokers and can be used to practise trading on the market with dummy funds. This and other tools are ideal for building up confidence in a safe environment.

But before you start, make sure to read all of our disclaimers carefully to learn more about the possible risks involved.

Once you’ve created an account (which only takes a few minutes), you can sit back as our artificial intelligence does all the hard work finding a broker for you. Finding a suitable match only takes a few moments! Then, we will put you in contact with your assigned broker. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss any goals or preferences with your broker before you can set off and start trading. Don’t forget to make use of all the fantastic tools and resources they provide you with!

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Unmissable Features of Bitcode Method

We’ve ensured our services are well-rounded and flexible. This way, we can cater to the needs of many different types of traders. Regardless of what your preferred strategy is, we are sure to have something to pique your interest.

Proficient Partners

Our brokers are the core of our platform, so we’ve spared no expense when looking for the best ones to partner with! After all, our users need elite support to help them advance in the trading sector and reach their full potential. Each broker that we’ve vetted and chosen to partner with offers a unique selection of resources and tools that have been designed to benefit traders of all experience levels!

Top-notch Technology

With Bitcode Method, you can benefit from advanced technology that is implemented throughout our platform. Your sensitive information deserves to be protected, so we’ve employed SSL technology throughout our website to safeguard all user accounts. Our artificial intelligence algorithm is equally sophisticated and can efficiently pair you with the perfect broker for your experience level and preferences.

Smooth Sign-up

We all know that time is the most valuable asset, and we don’t want to waste any of yours! With our super-fast and simple sign-up process, you can get started as a trader in the blink of an eye! All you need to do is complete our sign-up form (located on our Login page), and our AI technology will promptly analyse your data and connect you with the best-suited broker for your trading needs. That’s really all there is to it!

Affordable Accounts

At Bitcode Method, we’re all about tearing down barriers that have been set in the crypto industry. That’s why we’ve chosen to make our services 100% free for all users! Our profits come from commission fees our partners pay us, permitting us to offer our services free of charge. All that’s required from you is a small deposit of at least 250 USD before you can start trading through your assigned broker. We promise that you won’t be charged anything for creating an account, connecting to a broker, or using any of our other services!


Trading platformCrypto, Forex, stocks, CFDs
Withdrawal costNo added fee
Available onWeb (desktop & mobile)
Payment methodsVisa, Mastercard, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, etc.
RegionWorldwide (restrictions may apply)

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